Sarkis and Marie Izmirlian Library of <p>Yerevan State University</p>
Sarkis and Marie Izmirlian Library of

Yerevan State University

Sarkis and Marie Izmirlian Library of <p>Yerevan State University</p>
Genocide Dedicated Materials
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10 June, 2015
Subscription to Russian electronic repository

YSU library has subscribed to the electronic versions of 225 Russian language journals of Russian scientific network. In addition to those journals, subscription to will give YSU access to more than 3944 free e-journals.
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19 April, 2015
100 th anniversary of Armenian genocide
To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Armenian genocide the Genocide literature hall opening will be held at YSU's Mary and Sargis Izmiryan library tomorrow at 10:30am. more >>
Sarkis and Marie Izmirlian Library of YSU
YSU library was founded on 28th of February, 1920 and the ceremonial opening took place on 8th of November, 1922. The temporary director of the library has been Hakob Manandyan.

In 1927 the library possessed 52 thousand units and the number of readers was 530. Today YSU academic library has about 2 million books/units, 1,2 million of which are academic.

On October 12th, 1994, the framework of events devoted to the 75th anniversary of establishment of YSU the new library building was formally opened.In 1995 an armenian sponsor from Switzerland Tigran Izmirlian donated 1 million USD to YSU Library for the acquisition of modern technique and modernization of job process.

Library funds are usually replenished through subscription, book exchange and commercial deals. Together with that there also exist auxiliary sources of replenishment, such as donation and financial aid. In regard to this, Galust Gyulbenkyan (4400 units), H. Taqesyan (2800 units) and Andrey Sakharov (1200 units) funds are of significant importance, due to which the library possesses a great number of valuable books. These books are mainly in foreign languages (English, German, French, and Spanish). There are also many periodicals and journals in the library (101 different 4530 unit) that were published abroad, but are in Armenian. Those are "Hayrenik" (Boston, 1922-1948), "Droshak" (Geneva, 1989-1980), "Bazmavep", "Armenian Church", "Vem", "Hayastani Kochnak", etc.

The contributions made by Armenian Branch of "Open Society Institute and Foundation" have been of particular importance in regard to financial aid.

Today the UN, OSCE material depositories as well as Greek Embassy Library Center function in the library.

Exchange of experience and international cooperation is of great significance for the modernization and the development of the library. In regard to this the 3-years program realized by the Rostock University (Germany) is of great significance. In the framework of the latter 150 000 German marks were donated to the scientific journals, books, library accessories and equipments.

Director of the Sarkis and Marie Izmirlian Library of YSU is Candidate of Physico-mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor Yeznik Mirzoyan.

With the decision of the 5th Session of YSU Academic Council (July 10, 2006) a number of structural changes were made which were aimed at increasing the library management system taking also into consideration the experience of the European universities.

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